A blend of pop, rock and classical

Amorella has a pop, rock, and classical repertoire. Their music showcases theiur unique personality through the crowd.

Style and repertoire - A1DJS

Style and repertoire

Sam Smith, Coldplay, Louis Armstrong, Eric Clapton, Vivaldi and Bach are just a few of the names from Amanda's repertoire.

With the help of other musicians, she is an outstanding violinist who remixes popular songs and adapts them perfectly for weddings, ceremonies and cocktails.

Customization - A1DJS


This formation is available in trio, quartet and quintet. Let us know about any special requests to personnalize the experience.

Other recommended musicians

The Palma trio - A1DJS

The Palma trio

Popular songs with a classical and jazzy touch

From Marvin Gaye to Edith Piaf, to Daft Punk and Bob Marley!

The Bossa Nova trio - A1DJS

The Bossa Nova trio

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