Tehu & Dj Twitch

Fusion of Hip hop and Jazz.

Tehu & Twitch brings together a DJ and a keyboard player with a drum machine! They form aband that plays smooth lounge music similar to artists like Gramatik, St-Germain, Bonobo, Rhye and Telepopmusik.

Keyboard, drum machine and DJ - A1DJS

Keyboard, drum machine and DJ

These two musicians provide a fusion of Hip Hop and Jazz music with an organic lounge style.

Choose an unique vibe that feels like Buddha Bar or Hotel Costes for your next 5 à 7, or networking cocktail.

Add a sax in the mix - A1DJS

Add a sax in the mix

Tehu & Twitch also play as a trio, with a saxophone player. There’s also the possibility of adding other musicians to the band.

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